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Get out of the misunderstandings of furniture purchase and understand rubber wood

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Get out of the misunderstandings of the furniture purchase and correctly understand the rubber wood (turn)
With the continuous development of furniture industrialization, more and more wood varieties are used to make furniture to meet the different decorative effects and consumption levels. However, because of the limited understanding of wood and the irregular name of timber, some businesses are vague about the furniture they use, giving people the illusion of good quality and low price. Consumers in the purchase and found to be deceived, then a considerable number of people using the network information to buy wood furniture to belittle to vent anger in their hearts. Some businesses in order to improve the competitiveness of their products, spare no effort in the network on the platform to belittle other wood furniture, especially with their own wood confusion, the phenomenon also many dragons and fishes jumbled together.
Recently, there have been many incidents of counterfeit oak furniture market, occasionally encountered slightly knowledgeable customer, the salesperson will take "is referred to as the oak rubber wood" cover in the past, the furniture and the actual consumer purchases required discrepancies, led to the emergence of a market "is oak wood, rubber derogatory speech phenomenon wood".
In fact, oak and rubber wood are two completely different kinds of wood. Is rubber wood such as many remarks? I interviewed senior experts in the industry and relevant experts in forestry sector on this matter, and made some in-depth investigations on some consumers' concerns and concerns. Let us contrast to interpretation, re acquainted with rubber wood.
Misunderstandings 1: oak is the abbreviation of rubber wood
Positive solutions: rubber wood and oak.
Rubber wood is rich in Southeast Asian countries. It is produced in Yunnan, Hainan and the coastal area. It is the backbone of the rubber tree and the source of the latex. The color of rubber wood is light yellow brown, ring rings are obvious, wheel boundaries are deep colored ribbons, few tube holes, wood structure is coarse and even, and grain slanting and hard wood are recognized as one of the most widely used light hardwood solid wood in the world.
Is a genus of oak Quercus acutissima, Fagaceae, the heart of a tree to red brown tyrosinance, growth wheel obvious, slightly wavy, with distinctive gable wood, heavy and hard quality, our country to the north of Jilin, Liaoning, South Hainan, Yunnan have distribution, but the quality of material is rare, still need to honor oak imported from abroad.
From the name of view, the national standard gb16734 "name" in the main Chinese wood rubber wood alias only hevea rubber, which is also known as the oak Quercus glauca, alias, valonea, fine leather oak tree. The national standard gb/t 18513 "China mainly imported wood" in the name of rubber wood is not known, but the oak is red (white oak) nickname, red oak also said bitter oak, red oak, oak and sickle fat red oak white oak Shu, also called American white oak, white oak, white oak California two oak wood, oak, rocks and European oak. Therefore, whether it is domestic wood or imported wood, oak = rubber wood is wrong.
Misunderstandings two: rubber wood is poisonous, because rubber wood is rubber juice, and rubber juice is harmful to the human body. The furniture made of rubber and wood is easy to cause skin allergy, and it is not suitable for people with weak allergy.
Positive solution: natural rubber, which is made of rubber latex after being consolidated, washed, molded and dried up, is mainly composed of polyisoprene. Its content is above 90%. Besides, it contains a small amount of protein, fat and acid, sugar and ash. Natural rubber is widely used in the field of medicine and health and daily life, such as blood vessels and baby nipples. From these products closely related to human health, we can see that rubber juice is not damaged by human health after being processed, but rubber wood is basically free from chemical treatment after processing.
Then look at the history of the development and application of rubber wood. Rubber tree is a rubber tree which is processed and made into sawn wood without producing the original glue. Because of the particularity of rubber tree, the rubber wood harvested will soon change color, moldy and rot. For a long time, it will not be used as a firewood material. In the late 70s, with the rapid growth of the world economy and the rapid development of science and technology, a series of process equipment and technologies to prevent rubber wood pests and bacteria were developed. First, they were commercially applied in Malaysia. Due to its elegant color, beautiful texture, fine structure and good processing performance, the plates after anticorrosion and drying have been favored by businessmen who attach importance to wood structure decoration in Japan, and have been introduced into Japanese furniture manufacturing and residential decoration in large quantities. Because there are many high-grade natural rubber wood wood similar physical and chemical properties and decorative effect, rubber wood more and more widely used in the furniture industry has been used as high-grade wood to look at, artificial board is used as a new panel of high-grade, in the decoration industry as elegant decoration materials.
Most of the rubber wood used by some furniture enterprises in China are imported from abroad. After strict inspection and quarantine at customs, they have a reliable guarantee for safety and hygiene quality, and consumers can purchase these rubber and wood furniture produced by these enterprises safely. At this point we can see that the furniture made of rubber wood is easy to cause skin allergy, and the opinion that the weak allergy should not be used is biased.
Misunderstandings three: rubber wood contains more sugar and is not easy to remove, easily discoloration, decay and worm moth, and is not easy to dry, not wear-resistant.
Positive solution: in the past, in the past, due to the special nature of the rubber tree, the timber trees that were cut down quickly changed color, mouldy and rotten. But with the process of making furniture